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Art Template Printable Library

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Welcome to the Art Library!

We have a whole slew of art template printables that will be available soon. Bookmark this page and check back often to see what's new!

How to use Printable Art Templates

Art templates make it possible for children to explore working with different art materials without worrying about what to make or how to create it. 

Download any one of these art templates and allow your children to explore the use of watercolor paints, and other types of art supplies for kids, as they fill in the negative spaces in whatever way they wish.

Next, encourage children from toddlers to teens to mix and play with colors and different blending and brush techniques in order to explore their own creativity.

Head over to our Art Supply Store to see our favorite art supplies for children and adults of all ages.

Art with Children

Inviting children to create their own artwork from start to finish is also highly encouraged. Guided art projects that use templates, such as the ideas found below, can lead to individual forms of expression, but children also need ample time to create open-ended process art without an end product in mind.

Fingerpainting is a common form of open-ended process art that your child may have enjoyed as a toddler. Watching a toddler go for it with the fingerpaints is one of the purest forms of process art there is! Next, invite preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary aged students to give printmaking or or wet-on-wet watercolor painting a try!

Terms of Use

Download and print any of the art templates listed to get creative with children at home or in the classroom. Please, do NOT distribute Rhythms of Play materials without permission, or use them for commercial or resale purposes. Each of these printable clip art templates is copyright protected, and is for personal use only. Thank you!

What's Included?

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Printable Art Templates

Click on any art template to download and print, enjoy!
Bare Tree
139 KB
Tree Trunk Logo Template
427 KB
Oak Leaf
72.8 KB
Maple Leaf
1.06 MB
Beech Leaf
48.9 KB
Winter Tree Silhouette
63.4 KB
Christmas Tree Outline
275 KB
Christmas Tree Templates
2.58 MB
Small Heart
36 KB
Large Heart
53.5 KB
446 KB
Four Leaf Clover 1
597 KB
Four-Leaf Clover 2
148 KB
Shamrock with Poem1
134 KB
Shamrock with Poem2
176 KB
Four Leaf Clover with Poem
403 KB
111 KB
Easter Egg
369 KB
Small Flowers
191 KB
73.8 KB
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Art Projects for Kids (and Adults!)

Wondering how best to use this list of printable art templates for kids? The art ideas and art project tutorials listed below share how we used each of the art templates listed in the section above. 

The titles of the templates and tutorials are similar, if not identical, to make it easy to find the art project directions that you are looking for. Click on any of the art ideas listed in the next section to see the full instructions. 

Project Tutorials for Printable Art Templates

Click on any of the art project ideas listed below to see how to use each art template. Each project includes an art supply list, and complete step by step instructions.

The printable art templates are available to download in the "Printable Art Template" section above. Head over to our Amazon Art Supply Store to see our favorite art supplies for children and adults of all ages.

  1. Fall Tree Collage | Bare Tree Art Template
  2. Button Apple Tree Collage | Tree Trunk Logo Art Template
  3. Fall Leaves Painting Ideas | Oak, Maple, and Beech Leaf Templates
  4. Colorful Winter Tree Silhouette Art | Winter Tree Silhouette Art Template
  5. Watercolor Christmas Tree Cards | Christmas Tree Outline Art Template
  6. Fingerprint Lights Christmas Tree Cards | Christmas Tree Art Templates
  7. Personalized Painted Heart Candle Holders | Small Heart Clipart Template
  8. Heart Art Salt Painting | Large Heart Art Template
  9. Watercolor Surprise Heart Art | Large Heart Art Template
  10. Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting | Shamrock Art Template
  11. Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Salt Painting | Shamrock Clip Art Template
  12. Four Leaf Lover Collage | Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Collage Art Template
  13. Shamrock Handprint with Poem | Shamrock Handprint Art with Poem
  14. Handprint Lucky Four Leaf Clover with Poem | Lucky Four Leaf Clover Handprint Art Template
  15. Rose Watercolor Art | Rose Art Template
  16. Surprise Watercolor Easter Egg Art | Egg Art Template
  17. Felt Flower Craft | Small Flower Art Templates
  18. Starfish Watercolor Art | Starfish Art Template
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